Sunshine and kitchen design….


Oh Happy Day, it wasn’t raining in New Jersey today! Let the sun shine! Ok, so besides sun, how can you make your kitchen special and happy? It’s all in the details….take a look around you, make your space reflect you, and let it make you happy. Do you have a pile of mail on your counter that stresses you out? Get some sort of (attractive) container to put it in until you are ready to look at it…or put it in another room altogether! In fact, let’s try to make that a rule, if it looks icky, put it somewhere. I guarantee you will be happier that way 🙂 Since the sun is shining…pick a room to de-clutter, then think about how to organize it so it doesn’t get cluttered again. I know, easier said than done. I’m not saying it has to be neat all the time, I mean we DO live in our homes. But, make sure there is a place to put everything when you aren’t using it. In order to be happy in our homes, the space needs to be able to calm us when we need it. Chaos is not our friend! Ok, next step…look at your accessories. Do you have too many? That is usually the case. First get rid of unnecessary things, then look at what you have left. Do they make sense?  Now that we have decluttered and only left what makes sense, it’s time to design. Look for inspirational photos if you need…and then come see us and we will help you finish. Be sure to bring in photos and measurements if necessary…hope to see you soon!